Imagine a World…

  • where stewardship and technology combine
  • where churches and non-profits pool their resources to achieve something far greater than they initially imagined
  • where everyone has access to the tools they need
  • where technology enables organizations to better accomplish their own missions
  • where technology is made simple

That world is coming… we’re making sure of it.

OpenTech Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit that equips churches and other non-profit organizations by providing them with free or low cost computer technology and advice.

We adopt these non-profits and provide them with thousands of dollars worth of services including no-cost productivity & educational software, networking setup & support, website and general hardware solutions and a wide variety of other technology needs.­ How much do we charge them? Nothing!

You might want to think of us as missionaries to churches and non-profits. We help them do their job better, easier, and more efficiently.

Our site is new and under construction. We have just started recreating it from scratch, and believe that form will follow function (That means we’re throwing stuff out there and will make it look pretty later!) Please check back on a regular basis and see how we can help you do technology.

You can view our Presentation Portfolio, which gives a great overview of many of our services. We normally cut and assemble it, but it will give you a good idea.