What We Do

PUT SIMPLY: "We help others do technology!"


  1. SIMPLICITY: Make technology simple and easy to understand.
  2. AWARENESS: Make peop­le aware of useful technology.
  3. STEWARDSHIP: Provide technology at the lowest cost possible (with the best benefits).

ANALOGY: Think of OpenTech Ministries as a "missionary to churches and other non-profits" for their technology needs.


  1. Conduct a Current Technology Survey to where you are.
  2. Complete a Basis Needs Assessment to determine immediate needs.
  3. Develop a Technology Roadmap to allow you to meet your future goals.

COMPARISON: What makes us different from other technology consultants? 
While many of them mean well, we offer a better alternative.  Because we are donations based, we are able to focus on what our clients ­need… not simply what they can afford.

For further information, simply look through our Solutions and Projects pages.