Who We Help

This page will explain who we help and why. Move the following Partners section to the “OpenTech Netowrk” page.


You may want to learn about our history and why we started.

There is no way we could list every organization we help. This page exists to simply give you a broad overview of what we do and examples of people we have helped.

Partners (ongoing formal relationships):

NorthStar Church Network
– OpenTech Ministries has entered into a contract with the NorthStar Church Network (located in Northern Virginia) to be their “Adjunct Information Technology Advisor.” We host their website, provide training, troubleshooting, upgrades and repairs to their computer systems and network. Their network consists of over 150 Baptist churches and Northstar donates a consultation fee for the first two hours we spend with any of their churches.

Military Chapel Libraries – We are working to provide an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) to all Department of Defense Chapels. This will great increase the resources available to military families and chaplains. You can read more about it on our Library Projects Page. Current Chapels who have contributed and are interested: MCB Quantico, VA || NAS JRB Fort Worth, TX || And a few ships.

Calvary Hill Baptist Church
– We worked with CHBC to tune-up and upgrade several of their computers. We installed church management software and networked it to be available from all computers. Troubleshooting of email and phone caller-id. We will be helping them set up wireless connections in the near future. Speak to Hannah when you call!

Organizations we have helped in the past:

Southeastern Christian Academy – The first project that started it all. In danger of being shut down due to no technology resources, we provided a 15 seat Computer Lab to this school at no cost to the school.

Bethel Baptist Church – Tune-up of computers and fixed a broken network.

Friendship Baptist Church – Introduced the church Open Source Software Alternatives. This saved them from have to purchase several programs. They enjoy having a modern word processor, spreadsheet and desktop publishing package.

Empowered Parenting – Provided a complete computer system to a single mother who needed it for school work.

Homeschoolers – Six families.


We will eventually include metrics of the impact we are having in various ways.

Metrics: We’ve employed ## developers who have contributed ## lines
of code. Our projects have seen ## of downloads. ## number of
churches and organization have used out programs.

We have saved $### based on the use of Open Source Software compared to commercial versions.