Frequently Questions

What do you do?

How do you do it?

What makes you different from other technology consultants?
While many of them mea­n well, we offer a better alternative.  Because
we are donations based, we are able to focus on what our clients
­need… not simply what they can afford.

What about compatibility?  Everyone else is using program XYZ. – Usually very little collaboration outside of a specific organization.

Why aren’t more people using this software?

There is also resistance. Primarily from the churches I am here to help. “But we’ve never done it that way before.” “I like this software I’m using” and “Software XX is better.” (what they really mean is they are comfortable with it, not necessarily that it is better or worse). The most heart breaking response, however, is “I use software XX because it works for me, and I’m only concerned about the impact it has on me.” They do not understand (and often don’t want to understand) the possibility for Kingdom impact and so they continue without the vision or desire to change. This has to be about vision and true impact… not simply perceived reality. WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) vs WIIFHim

Why haven’t I heard of these programs before?

What is Open Source Software?

Who owns it?

Who supports it? 

Why is this better stewardship?

Think of the advantages… it’s Open Source, so a community would be built that sees a church (or group of churches if they led the way) that is really trying to make a difference by blessing others and expecting nothing in return. Not to mention, they get to build an Open Source program that is absent the recurring licensing fees that would normally be paid every year. THAT is what I define as stewardship, because everyone benefits and it frees up resources for many bigger churches and an innumerable number of smaller churches. (We’re talking millions of dollars in money and untold man-hours of people “making things fit” when they don’t [ie. Using excel for bookkeeping, etc.])