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  • Overview: OpenTech Libraries is for when you know that DVD series your Small Group wants to use but you can’t afford the $300.00 price tag? What if you could go to a web browser and search the libraries of a bunch of local churches and simply request to borrow theirs?  You can also keep track of all of your library holdings easily and automatically.
  • Priority: Based on our resources.
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Many churches, chapels, schools and small public libraries lack the resources to have an electronic cataloging system with an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC – a website where people can search their holdings). They end up using outdated paper cards or a yellow legal pad.

We hope to begin closing that gap through our Library Projects section. We take many of the smaller libraries and provide hosting for them on a single, consolidated system to cut down on costs. If they choose, they can even s­hare their resources with one another through inter-library loans – effectively creating a consortium of libraries.

Kingdom ImpacT: Imagine a Sunday School class at a small church that wants to use a DVD series for a basis of discussion. Many of those kits cost hundreds of dollars. Many times a nearby church has already completed the series and it sits on a shelf gathering dust. With this system in place, churches can search each other’s holding for more efficient use of resources, saving time and money.

Below is a brief overview of a few of these projects. First, you might want to read this sample write-up of the first project. – this is designed for DoD chapels… that means it directly impacts the families of our Armed Services, both Reserve and Active Duty. Many chapels are providing donations, but there are many more out there who do not have the funds. This group is our priority as far as library systems go. – this system is specifically for churches and associations who want to organize and deploy their resources. Look at the Kingdom ImpacT above and you’ll see why this is beneficial. We already have a half dozen libraries on hold until we can raise the initial investment monies. – a system designed for Department of Defense (DoD) schools. At the moment, it is only in the “here’s an idea” stage. We plan on speaking with a few DoD schools very shortly to see what legal restrictions may be in place.

Small Libraries – for any small schools or small public libraries that need a system to be on. The company we host with, Equinox, receives many calls from smaller libraries who can’t afford the payment because it is an inefficient use of resources for them. We are considering partnering with them, however, to provide for this need. Basically, we pay the hosting fee for a single instance of the software and then all the smaller libraries go through us for hosting. If we are able to raise the money, we will provide the service at no charge. If not, we will work on a cost-recovery basis only (charge minimum necessary). We prefer the former.