Website Hosting

This is what you will see:

  • Overview: OpenTech Hosting is free website hosting for your church’s presence on the web.  We provide basic setup of web and email and full cPanel access (don’t worry if you don’t know what this is).  At this time, we cannot provide full website design, etc., but we can connect you with affordable resources and provide the underlying system needed (or you can designate someone to come to our workshop). You can keep (or create) complete with email addresses.
  • Priority: Based on our resources.
  • ImpacT Overview: How this project helps others.­
  • Current ImpacT: Where we are
  • Future ImpacT: Where we are going
  • More Info & Links: Self explanatory

Why pay the fees normally associated with website hosting? We will host your website at no cost, and provide basic services to you (email, webdisk, etc.) To learn more, go to

We primarily work with two primary sofware solutions:

WordPress: Primarily blogging software, this is very simple to use for basic church websites, as well. It also allows for easy podcasting and posting, and works wells for static content.

Drupal: Much more feature-rich, but the modules allow for great customization. Good user control if you want members to access certain parts of your site. Has blogging, forums, etc., and you can add functionality for WYSIWYG, webform/registration, and it allows for integration with CiviCRM.