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If you are interested in knowing what Free Life Ministries can do for your church, you’ll want to view our Church Technology Resources page.  It provides an in-depth description of what is available. 

The simple fact is that many churches simply don’t know where to turn to for help. They often lack accounting programs, desktop publishing programs or even recently updated word processors. Many unintentionally violate licensing agreements by installing unauthorized copies of software from their home computers.  These "borrowed" copies are, in simple terms, illegal. Some churches and non-profits do not have the equipment necessary to support their day to day operations. Many church offices do not even have a computer and printer. Most of the work performed is done on someone’s computer at home. 

Open Source Software does not cost the church money, and its licensing allows multiple copies to be installed with no fear of penalty or copyright infringement. There is a great variety of office productivity and financial programs, electronic Bible applications (which allow for easy searching and copy/paste for bulletins, etc.) and also several custom programs that benefit churches, in particular, such as lyric projection programs and church management software.  Please consult our list of Open Source Alternatives for descriptions and advantages of programs and know that in many cases, Free Life Ministries will even donate the basic hardware the church lacks when it is available.

 We are currently talking to the NorthStar Church Network on helping their churches.