Many Homeschoolers don’t know about the wealth of resources available to them, and they face a variety of problems that are unique to their domain.

They often face an “outsider” attitude when interacting with the public school system and are left to fend for themselves in finding curriculum, text books, tutors, etc. they often have an unclear view of accredidation requirements, or at t­he least, how to ensure that they meet all of the requirements for certain accredidation agencies.

Homeschooling is often chosen because of its many advantages: quality time with children, avoiding public schools which may or may not have good reputations, better discipline, allowing children to pursue their talents more readily, or perhaps there is simply no other alternative.

There are three basic types of homeschoolers out there. 

  1. Hometown: These homeschoolers often have the option of public or private school, but choose to homeschool for their own reasons.
  2. Military: Military families may be stationed in places where English schools are not available (or are inconvenient), or they do not meet the accreditation requirements desired for eventual return to the U.S.  Another large reason is that homeschooling provides a sense of stability that many military children are not able to experience when going from school to school as the military so often dictates.
  3. Missionary: Missionaries are often in places where English is not even an optional second language in schools, or they may not meet the
    accreditation requirements desired for eventual return to the U.S. Some have their children live in the U.S. with relatives while others try to make things work through homeschooling.

We want to help provide a place where homeschoolers of any type can combine their resources to do their jobs with more efficiency.


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