OpenTech provides searchable Online Public Access Catalogs for both small and large libraries.  This helps those libraries better leverage the few resources they already provide and it helps them collaborate with others for greater impact.  Check out our "Library Solutions" page for more informations.

Library information

Many organizations, churches & homeschools have smal­l libraries with limited resources.

Imagine if you were able to connect with your peers to provide a single library network that combines all of your resources together.

OpenTech Ministries can provide a simple, universal resource for your organization and its peers to have a collaborative Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

Using this online card catalog, you can search your holdings and any number of other libraries, conduct interlibrary loans, track who has what books and get organized in a way that helps both you and your peers manage resources effectively.

Your library can choose to "opt-in" to any of the following Features.  None are required and you can change your options at a later time:

  • Allow others to view your holdings & you view theirs
  • Off-line access to your catalog
    – Self checkout by patrons
  • Inter-library loan
  • Access control (public or user-authenticated browsing)
  • Easily add holdings with automatic data entry

 Many works of literature are available to the Public Domain.  The works of Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Shakespeare and over 20,000 books are freely (and legally) available in electronic format.

We have partnered with Project Gutenberg to make these resources easily available to your OPAC. In addition, Gutenberg’s associates provide over 100,000 free holdings from many different countries.

There is no way one chapel could single-handedly provide a resource like this to its families. This is the kind of "Joint Ops" that impacts people at all levels.
– Chaplain, U.S. Navy