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  • Overview: Brief abstract of the project
  • Function: What the program does.
  • Proprietary Examples: Names you might recognize.
  • Priority: Based on our resources.
  • ImpacT Overview: How this project helps others.
  • Current ImpacT: Where we are
  • Future ImpacT: Where we are going
  • Numerical ImpacT: Examples of how the numbers could work out.
  • More Info & Links: Self explanatory 

Lyricue – is used to edit/display song lyrics and passages of text on a second screen/projector for use at live events such as church services, concerts and seminars. It is in use by hundreds of churches and allow­s for a lot of features that MediaShout and a few others have (CCLI import and statistics, on-the-fly changes, etc). Info:­ue/