This is what you will see:

  • Overview: Brief abstract of the project
  • Function: What the program does.
  • Proprietary Examples: Names you might recognize.
  • Priority: Based on our resources.­
  • ImpacT Overview: How this project helps others.
  • Current ImpacT: Where we are
  • Future ImpacT: Where we are going
  • Numerical ImpacT: Examples of how the numbers could work out.
  • More Info & Links: Self explanatory 

Scribus is a very powerful desktop publishing program that is in use ­by many organizations, both large and small.  It does everything a desktop publishing program needs to do, and is useful for creating flyers, bulletins and newsletters of professional quality.

You can download Scribus for Windows, Linux and Mac or you can run a portable version on Windows available at