Thank you for deciding to partner with OpenTech Ministries.  Your donations allow us to focus do what we do best (helping others) without having to continually worry about fundraising.

These funds are vital and help pay for our staff, our computers and connectivity, web hosting and much of the hardware that we donate to our clients.  Once you contribute, you will have the option of receiving our periodic electronic newsletter that is a (very) short description of the impact we are making in the world around us… and it is all bec­ause of you!

In short, your contribution helps us help others do technology

There are several ways you can contribute*:

Partnership: a monthly contribution.
    These funds help us pay for just about everything including staff, services, hardware, etc. The reliability of monthly contributions is critical to allowing us to do what we do – help others.  Please consider that no amount is too small.  Our operating costs in July 2009 will be a little over $20,000.00 per month to pay for our first full-time staff and services. Where does that number come from? Feel free to look at our expected business plan.

Sponsor a Project Sponsorship. We typically have several priority projects that we are allocating our time and resources to.  While monthly partnership donations directly  help where needed, some individuals or companies like to make specific contributions on many of our projects.

One Time Donation.  Perhaps we helped someone you know or you would simply like to help when you are able.  These donations are much appreciated and are placed in the area of most need. If you think what we do deserves support on a monthly basis, please consider a partnership.

*Please know that all donations are tax deductible.  You will receive an electronic receipt at the time of initial donation and a letter at the beginning of the year (January-February) for IRS purposes.

Make a one time donation:


Platinum Partner – $250 per month­:



You can also mail your contribution to:

    OpenTech Ministries, Inc.
    Attn: Kermit Jones, Jr.
    317 Taylor Street
    Fredericksburg, VA 22405

We accept most used technology (computers, monitors, etc.). 

Or you can contact us and ask about ongoing projects you would like to volunteer to help with.


Donate Hardware.