About Us

OpenTech Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization which strives to help schools, churches, home-educators and other non-profits with free or low-cost technology and advice.

Our Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to equipping other non-profits and churches by providing them with no-cost productivity and educational applications, technology assistance (advice and repair), training, and hardware solutions.

The problem we aim to solve:
Many educators and non-profit organizations face various challenges. The first is usually money. Close behind is technology and related services. The former will always be an issue, and it is generally the reason for the latter. OpenTech Ministries hopes to change this. We are dedicated to addressing some of the issues that face educators and non-profits, as well as various ways to implement solutions.­

Why is it taking so long?
Since inception in 2003, we have helped a lot of people and organizations, but only on a small scale. Our Executive Director (who is also the primary tech person) is an Active Duty Navy Chaplain and for the past two years, has concurrently been the Interim Pastor at a local church. OpenTech has had to take priority after family and those two obligations. He is, however, stepping down from the pastorate and he has given resignation notice to the Navy, so things should start to roll in the near future.

History – How we started.