Things to come.

This is just a general guideline of upcoming projects we are considering.  Consider it a Ministry Plan of sorts, as well.

  • Create New Brochure
  • Create Logo
  • OpenTechCD 0.1 – Live apps and installs present­
  • OpenTechCD 0.2 – Basic menu for launch
  • WorshipKit Computer for a local church
  • LTSP Server for a School in Utah (Clients are already in place)
  • Fundraise to pay off all of our debt and get us ahead.
  • OpenTechCD 0.3 – Advanced menu for launch or install
  • OpenTechCD 0.4 (CD & DVD)
  • Fundraise for two or three projects that are out there
  • Complete IRS Ruling Paperwork (we have 501(c)3 advanced ruling
  •  OpenChurchCD morph – Bible and Church Admin added
  • Hire full time staff – Executive Director


Website update  – very clear, simple links to common information:

  • Backup & Restore
  • Basic website setup
  • basic email setup
  • information

OpenTech Kids – website dedicated to kids (educators use) – web hosting for kids to learn with ($25 yr, $5 extra kids), tutorials on using OSS Edutainment, an OpenKidCD LiveCD to play them from,  links to print and play fun stuff, etc.

WorshipLiveCD – Live Linux CD that has the lyric projection and recording software built in.

Website Thoughts:

  • Solutions: with menu instead of individual
  • Taxonomy
  • Gallery
  • Spotlight/Quotes
  • Thermometer on monthly and current projects.

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