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Many educational institutions often lack needed resources to consistently provide their students with modernized computer programs. Available hardware is usually a limiting factor due to the prohibitive costs of updgrades. OpenTech Ministries can build an entire computer lab on a “shoe-string” budget using hardware that is already in place using thin-client solutions.

The term “Computer Lab” often gives the impression of a large room filled with dozens of computers used for computer instruction. While this is one example of a computer lab, there are many other types that FLM helps with.

Many libraries and community centers have rooms filled with several computers that are available for public use. Use of these computers ranges from internet access only to full-blown workstations that students write papers on or do research. Some computer labs involved only two or three terminals that have specific use.

One of the goals of Free Life Ministries is to help people create and maintain computer labs wherever they are needed and for whatever purpose they deem necessary. Your organization may be looking for educational terminals that have dozens of programs designed to help in teaching computer basics and or perhaps the “three R’s” – “Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.” You may just need some kiosks for web browsing or limited local access. We offer solutions for everything in between.

While there are dozens of ways to implement a computer lab, Free Life Ministries has narrowed it down to a few select methods that emphasize ease of maintenance and upgradeability. Our most popular (though not only) method is through the use of the Linux Terminal Service Project – or LTSP for short.

The Linux Terminal Server Project allows an individual or organization to benefit from the use of one (or at most a few) modern machines, through use of older, outdated equipment. Think of it as an in-house recycling program that maximizes your

CommunITy Outreach – is an opportunity for you to ImpacT your community in a way that matters.  We’ll help you set up a computer lab for after school activities and you can reach out to your neighborhood in a giving way that matters through educational opportunities.  Teach technology, ESL, basic computer skills, and use edutainment to make a difference.