OpenTechCD – “Software you can use”

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  • Overview: The OpenTechCD is a collection of quality Open Source applications that are available to you at no cost. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, database, desktop publishing, secure email & web browser, image editors and more! The PortableApps version allows you to run many directly from a thumbdrive! (without having to install them!)
  • Priority: Based on our resources.
  • ImpacT Overview: How this project helps others.
  • Current ImpacT: Where we are
  • Future ImpacT: Where we are going
  • More Info & Links: Self explanatory

The OpenTechCD (OpenTechCD, OpenChurchCD) is a CD/DVD that serves two purposes. – the website with the information. It will include the following:

OpenTechCD – Basic CD with applications you can install

OpenChurchCD – Basic stuff for churches to use

OpenEdCD – Maybe OpenK12CD and OpenEdCD

OpenTechPortable – Expanded to include more apps and portable version (Thumbdrive & DVD)

­First, it allows someone to test several Open Source programs without actually having to install them to their computer. This is for demonstration purposes and it clearly shows an advantage of Open Source Software: flexibility.

Second, it will give the option to install dozens of programs that are legal to distribute and cost nothing for our clients.

We will focus on one CD as a proof-of-concept, and eventually split it into a “Church” version and a generic “non-profit” version.

Live Demo of:

  • Scribus
  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird (w/lightning)
  • ClamAV

Install of above plus:

  • Inkskape
  • Sword
  • Opensong
  • Accountability Software
  • GnuCash
  • Open Admin?
  • Lyricue (LiveCD needed)