Dedicated to helping people and organizations by providing them with invaluable technology awareness, resources and advice that helps them to meet their vision in the 21st Century. Here’s a list of what we can provide you. After reading it, you can check specific applications to your organization by going to its respective page.

Free Software – Productivity and Educational Applications­­ including the OpenTechCD, which contains several applications that allow for multiple installations with no licensing restrictions. It includes an Office Suite, Desktop Publishing, Graphics Manipulation, Email, Web Browser, Anti-Virus and much more!

Free Website Hosting & Consultation that helps your organization figure out where to get hosting from, what options are available in software, and how to get basic websites starting, including Content Management Systems that allow for multiple user input (articles, stories, etc.), easy Podcasting, RSS feeds, and calendaring.

Free Consulting including Hardware Purchasing Advice that will help your organization avoid the “whatever is on sale” mistakes that often lead to future problems and sometimes fail to properly match a solution with the need. Arrangements are also made with vendors who can be recommended as those eager to work with you in fulfilling your vision.

Free Tech Support including Networking Basics to include purchasing, configuring and maintaining networking hardware (routers, etc.), software (anti-virus, spam), content filtering and firewalls. Local network attached backup and off-site remote back, as well as configuring network printers and shared folders for more efficient collaboration on projects.

Free Library Resources that help maintain electronic records with search capabilities and electronic checkout. If cooperation exists, it is also possible to search other similar organizations’ libraries to allow for more efficient use of resources.

Free Computers to help you meet your needs.  We recycle, refurbish and upgrade corporate off-lease machines and equip you with the processing power you need to accomplish your mission. These are “as available” but we are working on several steady suppliers to provide sources for you through us.

Free Training, Tutorials, Workshops & Webinars that will provide familiarization/certification for staff and members interested in how to be more productive in their organizational environment. This includes a free copy of the software used in the class, and several samples and templates that can be put to use immediately for letters, websites, newsletters and other needs.

Free Educational Resources for educators, schools, homeschoolers and parents of school children.  In addition to connecting you to a very long list of links and educational activities, we provide you with several educational programs and even online lesson plans for you to integrate into your teaching environment.

Free Worship Media Kit for churches who need a digital solution for Sunday morning. Eventually this will include software and hopefully projectors/computers for recording, projection, lyric editing, etc.

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Non-profit, Church, Education, Library, Individual