Why Donate

We understand that many people are very responsible and conscience with their donations. 

So why donate to OpenTech Ministries? ­

In a word: Stewardship – That word describes responsible management of resources, and that is what we strive to do.  You can ensure that is taking place by our transparency.

Donating to your favorite charity is a great idea, but what if you could invest the money you donate into many charities at once?  You see, when you donate to OpenTech Ministries, your contribution doesn’t end there.  It impacts every organization we support and helps them do their job more effectively.  Here’s an illustration:


If you’re a "numbers type," consider the following options:

Option A: "Charity A" needs office productivity software including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and desktop publishing.  Most organization default to a costly proprietary set of programs that typical cost for a non-profit is anywhere from $150 to $500 for those programs (for a single computer).  Maybe you decide to donate $300, covering a large portion of the cost, thereby helping your charity.

Option B: You donate to OpenTech Ministries and tell us about Charity A.  We sit down with them and, using that same $300, provide them with several copies of an alternative office suite that is just as feature rich and capable, but has an open licensing model, meaning they can install it on all of their office computers, as well as the staff’s home computers as well as distribute it freely to any of their clients, as well.
     In addition, your donation to OpenTech enables us to distribute the same software to Charity B, Charity C and so on (to as many as we have funding to advocate).  You now freed up that same $150-$500 they would have each spent on software to allow them to accomplish their mission more effectively.

That only scratches the surface.  We provide a variety of software types including office productivity, desktop publishing, image &  video editing, Course Management (distance education) Software, online library card catalogs, Constituent Relationship Management software, and much more… all with the same open licensing policy.

OpenTech Ministries is the best stewardship possible because our focus in on helping others doi technology.  You can make a difference by helping us help others.